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Net-External CS:GO Free version | Features

Updated: Dec 8, 2022


Standalone recoil control system - Rcs scale -Rcs start x bullet Triggerbot -Triggerbot burst -Burst value ( Higher value = Longer burst ) -Trigger delay -Custom triggerbot key -Trigger RCS Glow Esp -Glow players -Custom colors -On / off hotkeys Chams -Custom colors -Only visible -On / Off hotkeys Misc -Config system (Load, Save) -Load config by hotkey -AFK-Bot ( On / Off hotkeys ) -AFK mode ( Stand, Jump,Default ) -Auto bhop ( Custom hotkeys ) -Auto update ( Offsets ) -Auto-Pistol Anti-Cheat -VAC undetected Requirments -Windows 10 / Windows 7 -Latest .NET framework -USB stick


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